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New LJ - http://cath-ster.livejournal.com/

I haven't posted here in about 10 months so not sure if anyone will remember who I am but I do keep up to date with my friends list and am going to update my new LJ frequently so if you want to friend me, please do!

If I can delete this LJ I will do in a few weeks.

Help... please?!

OK, I am having mad panic aargh about dissertation at the moment because my supervisor has just told me to basically scrap my entire idea. So must make it excellent and convince him otherwise. Please please please please please if you could answer these questions in a comment it would make me soooo happy and forever in everyone's debt!

1. What blogging service do you use - (Obviously, Livejournal, but do you use any others as well?)
2. What features of that service do you most enjoy  (e.g. mood themes, just the blogging experience, etc.)?
3. Is there anything you dislike about the blogging service?
4. If you could have features from profile sites like Facebook, Myspace etc. in a blog service, what would you put in (if any)?

I know the questions are a bit vague but if you could try and answer that would be great :D

*leaves lots of cookies to tempt people*

It is rather wet

Rain, rain, go away.....

I wanted to get some food shopping done today but I don't particularly like the idea of traipsing halfway across town in the rain.

Pasta for dinner again then! *g*

Coventry is vair confusing

Well, have been at uni for just over three days now and think that I have finally sussed out how to get from my flat to the faculty building - there are several shopping centres that look the same and all the streets seem the same as well, so it was vair confusing at first and I did get lost plenty (luckily never alone... one of my flatmates was equally confused)

So far things have been going smoothly, though still actually need to get my student loan - silly enrolment is taking ages because of blasted paperwork that I manage to keep forgetting. Have to register my modules this afternoon then I have a meeting with the cohort co-ordinator and then I shall go enrol and hopefully get my NUS card. Tomorrow is fairly busy; library induction, meeting personal tutor, careers advice and then computer registration - and Friday we apparently we get to make a film. Whee.

My flatmates are all vair friendly - we're completely and utterly different, and all doing entirely different courses (Multimedia Computing, Damage Risk Management, Occupational Therapy, Music and Product Design *grin*) but we still manage to get on quite well at the moment. I can foresee myself getting irritated with one of my flatmates - he's nice enough but just doesn't stop talking. At all. Even at 2 o'clock in the morning. ;-) We all found it quite amoozling that he keeps insisting that he's 'quiet' yet none of us can get a word in edgeways when he gets started.

Well, am off to get myself some lunch (definitely still need to get the hang of this cooking and shopping for myself lark) and then go register my modules (which I just discovered are practically all based around coursework and hardly any on exams *squeeee*)

Ooh, what an interesting day.

I seem to be a walking disaster lately - Saturday, managed to run right into the desk at work and now have a nicely forming bruise on my leg. Have discovered poking it is NOT a good idea.

Today, started ironing with the iron actually turned off - finally realised that, turned it on and promptly practically ironed my hand. Now have a great big blister right across the scar on my thumb that I got this summer.

Got into work, went to turn off the alarm, and hurrah, the door would NOT open. So there's me shaking the door handle going "OPEN DAMN YOU" and various other words while the alarm is going off merrily. Then I did manage to finally turn it off, though it continued to bleep occasionally at me for no particular reason. Am trotting around clearing up and this wasp seems to appear out of nowhere, zooming around. I have a phobia of every single kind of insect so I was trying my best to avoid it, which was not possible when it decided to sit itself right in the way of all the stuff that I needed to get to.

I have also discovered that I have to fill out another bloody form for student loan because my course has changed. Of course, trying to print out the form is not working, for the printer is not co-operating.

I think that I may have to go to bed before three o'clock for the first time in about a week - it is obviously not boding well for me. *grin*

It's back! *whee*

Hurrah, we finally have t'internet back! My wireless connection isn't working though - silly laptop. The keyboard and touch pad also stops working randomly at some points, typically, and I have to restart the compootle to get it working again. *sigh*

Now I suppose I face the rather daunting task of checking over a week's worth of emails/fanfictions/LJs/forums/blogs ... eep!

Ooh, in other news - I have a job! *gasp* Yes, I get to have fun cleaning the cafe that gem_63 works in. It's only 8 hours a week for two weeks but it's definitely better than nothing.

Hope everyone is well/happy/safe and *hugs* to anyone who wants/needs them.

It's raining, it's storming....

Eep, methinks that summer is over... the rain and the thunder have arrived. As has my Zen *whee* which I ordered the Sunday before last and was then informed a week later that it was out of stock and would not be here for another month or so. Well, that's no good, cos I won't be here! So I cancelled, ordered one from a different site two days ago and whee, here it is all shiny and new and it GLOWS!

I came down yesterday morning to find that one of our fish, Bruno, has very sadly gone to the pond in the sky. =( Poor Rufus looks all lonely now... Gem thinks that we must get him a new friend though the parentals don't quite agree.

Other news; I found out the halls that I am to be in - t'was my last choice but hey, I get free internet, and a free gym membership! (Not that I'd ever use it, but it's nice to know that I'll at least have the opportunity... *grin*)

Much thanks to everyone that replied to the entry regarding my results, btw! I actually got 2 Ds - it's not the grades I'm really happy about because I think I could have done better, but the fact that I actually got into uni. ;)

Aug. 18th, 2005

Just a quick blog to say....

I GOT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got above the requirements for the diploma and when I got back home had a letter from Coventry Uni to give me an offer for the degree instead!!

Thank you all for the good luck wishes they definitely worked *grin*

Aug. 17th, 2005

Well, we're heading up first thing tomorrow morning to get the exam results... and have already planned on going to the pub in the evening, either to celebrate or drown our sorrows. Hmm. *eebles*

Today had to be the longest day of my life *grin* Being bored/nervous and wanting the day to be over meant that every five minutes felt like an hour. And I've just realised that it's past midnight. Eep!

Not long now...!

Tagged by athersgeo

List five of your own idiosyncrasies and then tag five friends to do the same.

1. When I'm alone in the house, I have to have the front door locked at all times. If someone comes in, I lock the door after them, if someone leaves, I lock the door after them. I check the door to make sure it's locked before I go to bed... it's really quite sad. I'm way too paranoid.

2. I'm a real fidget. I cannot sit normally - I have to have either one or both legs curled up under me, and my hands have to be doing something (usually I'm chewing on my finger or fingernails or tapping my fingers against something). If my legs aren't under me then I bounce them up and down - I irritate my friends to no end with that one *giggles*

3. And nicked from helenprev cos I do exactly the same thing - only I can make a cup of tea for myself to my satisfaction *g* If someone else makes me a cup of tea I actually rarely drink it, which is a waste, but I just can't say no to being offered one!

4. I make myself fall off things on purpose sometimes simply because I'm bored of it. (When I was on holiday in Tenerife I was sitting on the bed and then fell off it because I wanted to sit on the floor instead... same with the chair... yes I know I have a problem!)

5. Every so often I'll randomly check my bedroom for spiders. When I say every so often I mean every half hour or so, if I'm in the room... I just spin around in my chair and eye up the walls and ceiling to make sure. *g* I hardly ever find any, yet I keep doing it. More evidence of my paranoia. *rolls eyes*


In other news, I bought my train ticket for the SG today, and I still haven't written the bedtime drabble. My plot bunny went missing a long, long time ago, and I haven't been able to write a creative word since. *sniffle*